Who We Are

Since its founding in 1987, Levenger has developed a unique reputation for excellence. As we design and curate useful and beautifully crafted products that facilitate the creative process and inspire productive work, we keep the goals of our dear customers at the top of our minds. You are the reason we are here.


Our most successful products have generally involved paper, leather, wood, resins, metals—elements of substance. Higher-quality products, built to last and provide satisfying endurance in contrast to the digital products that come and go every few years.


The products that Levenger offers evolve as your needs change, but always we aim for quality, craftsmanship, excellence. The products we create are meant to be used with enthusiasm, to last and be treasured for a lifetime—and even to be handed down to the next generation.


Who We Serve

Our founders Steve & Lori Leveen like to say, “We aren’t changing the world, our customers are.”


These are the people who read and think, and then write, draw, express, show, talk, communicate. At our essence, we are a company of people who understand the nobility, and the needs, of the professionals who do reflective work. We pay tribute to the people who do this work by respecting them and trying our best to make things that will help them work, dream and do.


Our Mission and Purpose

Our overarching aim is to empower our customers to achieve their goals. We respect the importance and the challenges of the work our customers do. These are working professionals of all kinds and their work involves reading, reflecting, and then producing. They do their work at home and in the office and on the road. They take their work seriously, and we show that we do, too, by providing them with the professional-level tools they need—built to last for an entire career, and beyond.


Core Values  

Honesty, integrity and ethical behavior—these are the core principles that guide us in all our endeavors. We strive to cultivate a culture of caring and kindness for our customers, colleagues and partners.


While just like all companies, we depend on sales, a single sale is such a small matter. Experience–what a single customer experiences–that’s what we must focus on. Our job is to make our customers feel wanted, respected, and well satisfied.


Lori & Steve say, “We learned early on that a customer is more important than any transaction. We treat customers like friends, we tell the truth, watch out for them, protect them—not the company—and trust that they will continue to give us their trust in return.”


Partnering For Good

Levenger was born of our founders’ shared passion for reading and literacy. In addition to supporting local libraries and literacy organizations in the South Florida community where our headquarters are based, we collaborate with libraries, museums and other institutions that nurture the power of reading through our Partnering For Good program. Among these institutions are the Library of Congress, The Boston Public Library, The New York Public Library, the Bodleian Library of Oxford University, and The Morgan Library and Museum. We also contribute to education and literacy groups in the communities around the world where some of our best-selling artisanal products are made.


 To date, our Partnering For Good products have raised more than $325,000 for literacy initiatives in the U.S. and around the globe. If you are interested in exploring a collaboration or support for a literacy initiative, please contact us.