Discover How Circa can change the way you take notes

Learn About Circa

The Original Discbound Notebook System, Only from Levenger
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STEP 1: Choose Your Notebook Size

Circa notebooks are available in the following sizes: Jotlet (3 discs), Compact (7 discs), Junior (8 discs), Midway (9 discs) and Letter (11 discs).

STEP 2: Select a Notebook You Can Build On

Circa notebooks let you add, remove and replace components with ease and give you room to grow. Available in a variety of styles and colors, many in our premium full-grain leather.

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STEP 3: Add Custom Refills

We offer a wide variety of refill options, from planner and agenda pages to things to do and project planning sheets to annotation and full-page ruled formats—more than 90 styles in all.

STEP 4: Add Accessories

Optimize your notebook by adding the tools and extras you need, including discs, task pads, tab and pocket dividers and annotators.