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Carry the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations in pocket-size cards, with bespoke designs.
Levenger CEO Steve Leveen and customers on the physical objects that still matter in a virtual world,
A Jesuit priest, a German castle, two 16th-century maps discovered in a long-lost book.
By award-winning photographer Scot Miller, with Thoreau's full text.
Famous people throughout history show how doing what you must can often make you better at doing what you love.
Ross King reveals the Leonardo only a few would know, for a da Vinci code, Levenger-style.
Robert MacNeil pronounced this dictionary of profession-speak, "a treat for word addicts like me."
A new way to read Thoreau: as mapmaker and journeyer to Cape Cod.
The one and only full-color facsimile of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
Robert Louis Stevenson's majestic song of solitude features original watercolors of the Napa Valley and hand-lettered calligraphy.
Some of the best writing in America shows how to use 1,306 words.
Journey to a land found only in memory.