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500 Personalized 4 x 6 Cards - Horizontal

Price: $70.00
Item: ADS35
Please allow 3-5 business days to prepare your order (plus shipping time)
Get personalized 4 x 6 notecards fast
Our personalized 4 x 6 notecards provide an impressive, professional way to send a brief note or forward information to clients and colleagues. Our Online Customization Program makes the process easy and fast because you enter the information yourself and see a proof of your card right on your computer screen. Customize and place your order below.
  • 500 4 x 6 cards in a horizontal format
  • Choose ruled, plain, grid or window style
  • Choose your personalization, type style and color
  • Made from the highest grade of card stock
  • Cards arrive in a durable storage box
  • Sturdy 80-lb. card stock
  • Made and printed in the USA
CUSTOMIZE YOUR CARDS (Please enter your customization choices)
*Not an exact representation. Slight variations may occur and text may be adjusted slightly for best results.

Nice cards with limitations....


The dictated punctuation should have some sort of override; one must accept the proof before proceeding, so it's effectively idiot-proofed....

Florida and Maryland


Very Odd


The note card does not have matching envelopes for sale. Very Odd.

Edina, MN


Note of caution


Card stock is just right, takes a fountain pen very well (both sides). There are two limitations to be aware of in the personalized lined cards. First, both verso and recto sides have the same blank area at the top for the printed personalization; the verso side should have horizontal lines from top to bottom of the card. Second, the first line of a 3-4 line option is slightly too large-a subjective matter, I realize. The typeface selection is very limited, but, then, these are simple notecards, not stationery.

Tallahassee, FL


Very helpful & high quality


I purchased these & had them customized with my name & work information. They are absolutely top-notch. Very nice, creamy-smooth cardstock, I feel that these are very professional & they allow me to reach patients via mail--especially useful for patients whose phones are disconnected. In this digital age, it is great to have a way to contact patients that is professional with a personal touch. They look much nicer than the generic stamped cards from the postal service & are more convenient since my contact information is already beautifully printed on each card. I once went to my local post office & tried to purchase 50 stamped cards, but all they had was a dozen. I purchased 500 cards, and am planning to just buy postcard stamps---since the cost of postage will probably go up, this will be much more convenient for me. I find that these are indispensable and I plan to never be without them! I would recommend these to anyone who is considering them, without hesitation or reservation. I am planning to repurchase when the time comes.

North Alabama


Great office personalization


Our office has purchased these for each member of our legal staff. They are a GREAT way to personalize a package being sent to client--particularly in these days of non-personal service to people. It let's everyone get to know us and feel that someone is personally taking an interest in them.

Northbrook, IL


500 Personalized 4 x 6 Cards Horizontal

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