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Parker Ingenuity 5th Mode Refill

ITEM: PR1600
Refill for the Parker Ingenuity 5th Mode pen
The Parker Ingenuity 5th Mode uses this innovative ink refill, which interacts with the nib of the pen to approximate the writing style of a fountain pen, but without the muss and fuss.
  • Use with the Parker Ingenuity 5th Mode Standard or Large
  • Choose fine or medium point
  • Ink is water-based, light-resistant and dries quickly
  • Ink flow is stable and regular, similar to rollerball ink
  • Flexible movement of point gives the feel of a fountain pen nib
  • Resists leakage under airplane flight or heated car conditions
  • Nickel-plated brass
  • Made in Germany
Shipping Savings
Ink Refills:  Cartridges and other refills ship free  (bottled ink is $4)
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