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Signed Edition, Time Management from the Inside Out

ITEM: RB1515

Julie recently shared some of her time-management tips with Steve. Click onto Steve's blog to find out how "tomorrow +2" and other techniques can help you focus your attention on what matters.

Julie Morgenstern’s treasure trove of organizational tips, hand-signed

Think you can’t conquer your overscheduled days? You’ll think differently once you read Julie’s book. One of our Circa Thought Leaders, Julie is a master at offering practical, workable, and proven ways to manage your time more efficiently and productively. She’s signed some copies of her Time Management from the Inside Out just for Levenger customers, and it’s the ideal companion to Julie’s line of Circa organizers. Procrastinate no longer — plan to add this book to your arsenal of successful time management techniques today!
  • Signed edition (bookplate)
  • Sturdy paperback
  • 304 pages
  • 9 x 6