Bomber Jacket: A Gift for All Seasons

Bomber Jacket: A Gift for All Seasons

An odd thing happened twenty years ago when we introduced our first product made in Bomber Jacket Leather. Customers were only lukewarm about the product (an oversized briefcase), but they loved the leather.   “Supple,”...

Oct 31, 2023

By Steve Leveen

An odd thing happened twenty years ago when we introduced our first product made in Bomber Jacket Leather. Customers were only lukewarm about the product (an oversized briefcase), but they loved the leather.


“Supple,” “buttery,” “royal-feeling,” “to die-for,” and “rustically elegant,” customers wrote in reviews. So while the original product ceased production rather quickly, we used Bomber Jacket leather for some other products. And then others…and yet others. 


Today, we have nearly one hundred products made in what has become our signature leather, named in honor of those warm, durable flight jackets issued to pilots by the Army Air Corps in the 1940s. Protecting ourselves and our tools with leather is one of the oldest of human activities. Notably, Bomber Jacket leather works just as well protecting our very latest digital technologies, as you’ll see below…


To serve and protect 


Bomber Jacket leather attracts petting almost as much as a puppy. Touch any product made of rich, textured Bomber Jacket leather and you’ll likely touch it more. And it smells like leather should. The rich aroma that greets you when you open the box continues to reward you through the years. No wonder we have so many repeat purchases.


Most of our Bomber Jacket products serve to protect papers. In this, they continue the ancient tradition of leather covers protecting the pages of valuable books. 


First in this lineup are our Bomber Jacket Circa Notebooks. They come standard issue with our serviceable black plastic discs, but many customers prefer dress uniforms, which materialize by substituting our high-speed aluminum discs, which work and look great.


Next up is our slouchy Bomber Jacket Softolio 2.0. It may help you win hearts and revenue with its relaxed, professional presence, your able wingman on sales calls.


For our buttoned-up customers who want to keep their notebook pages and cards zipped up, high and tight, check out the popular Bomber Jacket Circa Zip Pro Folio.


And for you southpaws who want your notebook on the left side, enlist our Bomber Jacket Ambi-Flex Folio, which has the added advantage of carrying a notepad, too. It’s a switch-hitter, pleasing all customers, even handedly.

For customers who prefer a traditional legal pad, our popular Bomber Jacket Tyler Folio fits the bill, giving you a traditional, winning look, joined with performance that will serve an entire career. Of course you’ll want to fuel your folio with the affordable luxury of Levenger Freeleaf Pads.


“This is the bag…”


“This is the bag that will stop your search for the perfect bag,” wrote one customer in his review of his Bomber Jacket Leather bag. “After five years of use and abuse,” wrote another, “it looks like it did when I opened the box.”


If you carry a lot of gear, consider the cargo plane of our fleet, the Bomber Jacket Expandable Brief 2.0, which gives you the capacity needed for those long-haul flights.


For shorter missions, consider the Bomber Jacket Utility Backpack, which has the style and function that many (including myself) prefer today.


When you need to travel light, deploy our sleek Bomber Jacket Briefolio, a customer favorite that holds paper and digital tablets with equal aplomb.




Traditional protection for the newest tech


For demonstrating to someone that you’re really listening to them, there's nothing quite like writing on a piece of paper. And for your own quiet concentration, there’s nothing quite like the peace of paper, free from the interruptions that infect digital screens. That said, all of us paper lovers also make use of digital screens for their obvious advantages.


That’s why some of our most popular Bomber Jacket Leather products are designed to deliver high touch to your high tech. 




Our Bomber Jacket Zip Air Folio is fits a 13” MacBook Air like a glove, keeping it clean, protected, and ready for action. (My wrists are resting on my own Zip Air right now as I write this letter.)


Mission impossible


Knowing your location was always critical for flight crews. Who knew that some 70 years in the future, we’d have these little miracle coins, no bigger than a quarter, that could report back their own exact coordinates? All we have to do is fasten them on a keyring or wallet to be able to track those items that occasionally go AWOL. To take advantage of the Apple AirTag, our Bomber Jacket Leather AirTag Key Fob and Bomber Jacket Leather AirTag BiFold Wallet, both new this season, are off to a flying start.




These products I’ve described in this letter are just a sampling of the many Bomber Jacket Leather products now available at Levenger. Type “Bomber Jacket” into the search bar to find other favorites (including the wallet I happen to have in my pocket right now). Read some reviews and you’ll see how many customers take pride in their Bomber Jacket products and come back for others to add to their fleet. 


Enjoy the ancient and enduring comfort that good leather can add to your life.


With deep gratitude for your business,