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Ordering Information

Much of what you see in our Webstore you'll find only at Levenger, so gift-giving and receiving are more satisfying

Ordering Confirmation

We can confirm shipment of your order to your email address whether you order online, by phone or fax, or through the mail. From time to time we will also email you news of special offers from Levenger that we think you may enjoy.

Sales Tax Information

Levenger is not required to collect Colorado sales tax on your purchase. However, unless this sale is exempt from Colorado sales tax, you are required to pay the tax by filing a sales/use tax form with Colorado at the end of year for all non-taxed remote purchases, including Internet purchases. For more information go to<

Credit Cards

All prices and transactions shown are in U.S. dollars. We accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Credit cards are charged at the time of shipment from our facility. Purchase orders are accepted by our Professional & Corporate Sales Division from universities, hospitals and government agencies. We do not accept COD orders.


For orders shipped to Florida, Massachusetts and Virginia, add state and local sales tax to merchandise total. In Tennessee, Illinois and Connecticut, add state and local sales tax to merchandise plus shipping and processing total. You will see the correct tax on your order acknowledgement.

Monograms/Personalized Items

A number of our products can be monogrammed with 3 initials. Please list them in this order: first, middle, last. For personalized cards and other products, print your lines of type exactly as you want us to reproduce them. Monogrammed and personalized items are not returnable


If you require assistance with assembling your items, we recommend National Assembly Services. Look for this symbol for products that they can assemble. National Assembly Services is an independent company that’s familiar with our products and has helped many of our customers with assembly. Call them toll-free at 866-627-7400 to schedule a service call. They can be at your home or office as soon as 48 hours after you receive your items to assemble them. Fees for this service are based on your location, the types of items and the number of pieces to assemble.


If you encounter problems downloading an eBook file, rest assured we will work with you. Our eBook file is designed for use on a number of different devices, so we're not able to retrieve your eBook once it's up and running on your device. Because of this, eBooks are not returnable.

Mailing List

Please let us know of address changes or corrections, or if you desire catalog mailings to additional addresses, and we will update our records. At times, we provide our mail list to other high-quality retailers. If you do not want to receive their mailings, please send a copy of your mailing label to Levenger Mail Preference, 5265 Hickory Hill Road, Suite 104, Memphis, TN 38141. You can also email your request to, or call 800-544-0880. (Internationally, call 1-901-566-5771.)